Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A Gymnast in the Making

Last Thursday, we went to an appointment with a perinatal specialist, to see about some possible kidney problems Claire. The appointment went well, despite the discomfort of laying down for the ultrasound which makes me dizzy. The spots on the kidneys remain, but are just on the cusp of normal/abnormal, so we're going back in 5 weeks to check on them again. As the ultrasound lady (there must be a real title for her) scanned my belly, she commented that Claire was breech - that is, feet down and head up. So it was difficult to make out anything, and we couldn't see her face. I commented that "the days of glamour ultrasound pictures are over" and she said that was normal toward the end of the pregnancy as the baby takes up more room. However, Claire decided to give us a peek, and the lady was able to see her face. She then turned on the 4-D function of the machine, and wow! We saw a portrait of our baby girl. Unfortunately it's a PDF and I can't post it here, but it is truly amazing to see our daughter's face and features. She's a plump 4 1/2 pounds, with short limbs like the women on both sides of the family.
My first thought when she said Claire was breech, was "great! Now I don't have to worry about labor and delivery; hooray for a predictable birth!" But then my mind really started working, because after all she might continue her gymnastics and be head down for delivery, so I can't plan on a cesarean birth. But I prayed about it and received God's peace about it. He already knows how and when she'll be born, and I trust His plan for her arrival into the world. There are so many things we can worry about, but our Lord says, "be anxious for nothing, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God." And I realize that I don't even have a request for this, only thanksgiving at this true miracle that pregnancy and birth are. I am so blessed, and I am so in love with this little one, it's hardly imaginable.
It's funny how talking about anything else seems so trivial, but we are finally settling in, as I put the finishing touches to making our 'house' a 'home.' Scott has resolved his issues with our washing machine (which I hear is only used in the West Bank!), as after multiple floodings the maintenance crew showed him how to screw the machine in tightly to the sink faucet. Hooray for functioning equipment. I absolutely love our apartment, and have been enjoying every minute there, from sleeping in our new bed (almost a full night of sleep is unheard of at 7 months pregnant), to praying on the balcony, to eating home-cooked meals, to enjoying TV shows with Scott. Once I'm home, I don't want to leave! Claire's room is still piled high with boxes, but most of them are empty, so Scott will be moving her furniture in within a week or so. As we prepare for her arrival, the real question for me is making the distinction between needs (crib mattress) and wants (all those cute pink outfits that she'll fit into for a week). Mom gave me a good reminder - she won't even be in her own room for a 2-3 months, and more than anything she'll just need lots of love and attention. I think we can handle that! I'm so blessed that Scott and I will both be around - as well as Mom - so we'll be able to trade off on feedings and changings...
Alright, that's all from me for now. I'm finding it hard to focus, but I must do work and homework.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Pentecost Baby

I had lunch with Lucy Coles today (check her out at familycoles.googlepages.com), and I was half joking that I need to follow in her footsteps. The Lord putting her in my life has been such a gift - we met at a Mother of God prayer meeting, just as she was preparing to start a new job - on the floor above me! We spent the summer having lunches outside, and now in her office. Her friendship has meant a lot to me, and one of the gifts has been to see her through her pregnancy and now parenthood, as a prelude to my own! God truly cares for us (1 Peter 5:7) and provides for all our needs (Philippians 4:19). I have learned a great deal from Lucy, and one of my resolutions has been to start a Family Montgomery page like hers to keep our distant family abreast and involved in our lives. The internet truly connects us. So I have resolved to post pictures, videos and blogs on a regular basis that you can check out whenever you want to see what's new with us. I hope you enjoy family time with us!
On another note, I was telling Lucy how since we found out we were pregnancy Scott has disagreed with the doctors on the due date. He has always said it would be May 11, while the doctors have said May 2. Well, lo and behold the date keeps getting postponed with every ultrasound we have. Lucy asked - what's May 11th? We looked it up, and guess what? It's Pentecost Sunday! And it's Mother's Day! So I think the Holy Spirit has got a good hold of Scott! We'll see when she comes, but for now, expect Pentecost Sunday.
God bless you all.