Friday, March 27, 2009

I'm healed!

Well, since this is about the Montgomery's, tonight it's not so much about Claire, but about me - Jessica. Scott and I invited Claire's godmother, Paula, to come over and babysit tonight so that we could have a night out alone. We decided to go to the Fresh Anointing, a Catholic Charismatic prayer group for young adults near Catholic University. I was involved in the leadership team before Claire was born, but I hadn't been back since, and they are now in a new location. So we were running late - 2 trains derailed and it was raining, but we weren't deterred. It was truly a fresh anointing, and it was wonderful to see so many new faces. It looked like the Upper Room, with all these hands lifted up to God in praise and adoration. Toward the end, they had a time of prayer ministry and I quickly went up. Since just a few months after becoming pregnant with Claire, I have suffered from bursitis in my hip, a sort of joint inflammation. At the time, I got a cortisone shot in the area, but after Claire was born it became irritated again as I lifted her up and struggled to recover from the c-section. It had gotten particularly painful in the last few weeks, and I had resolved to go to get another cortisone shot.

But tonight I gave God a chance, and He showed up! A Franciscan seminarian friend of mine, Ron, prayed with such authority over me. My legs were visibly uneven, and as he prayed and I received, I felt my legs balance, and the pain was gone. Completely gone. So praise the Lord! It's not hard for God to heal, it just takes believing that He can and wants to do it. What a blessing it is to live miracles like these every day - some are more manifest than others, and this is one of those times. And then all the people that were praising God from hearing my testimony was awesome.