Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Month of Mary & First Words

What a month it has been! In just one week, we have celebrated Jessica's graduation, Claire turning 2 and Scott's graduation. We were blessed by the visits of Jessica's parents from France and Scott's father from Kansas. We tried to capture as much as possible in pictures so that we would not forget, but there is one thing that pictures cannot capture - Claire's first words. She was waiting to turn 2 to really start speaking, and now words are coming so fast, it's exciting! A few of them are: car, which she excitedly says when she sees our car; stuck; skype; cup; gator (on our visit to the National Aquarium); duck (not ducky like Mommy says); and of course very pronounced "hiiii" and "byyyye." I know these are the types of things we forget, so I want to be sure to get them on "paper," and I hope to be as diligent for our future children. How exciting it is when they grow up to see these little bits of memories about them written down or on film. And she also points to pictures of herself and says "Claire" in such a cute, baby voice.
More in a minute!

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