Monday, October 27, 2008

A Welcome Break

Yesterday, Sunday morning, we were gathered around the breakfast table, and we were so irritable. I (Jessica) had taken a few days off work to work on my midterm, and it was stressful being home and getting anything done. On top of that, I got the stomach flu, so I was not in good spirits. But I so love being around my baby that I didn't want to leave and study at the library... So we had all been in each other's hair for a full week, and in an apartment like this it's easy for me to nag at Scott perpetually, and for him to get annoyed at me.
So Sunday came around, and Scott realized we needed to get out of here, so suggested that we take the day off and go to Harper's Ferry. I felt like a little girl going to Disney Land, I was so thrilled at the prospect. It's amazing how something so simple could make all the difference! So off we went, Claire in tow, to Harper's Ferry, West Virginia. It is surprisingly close - only an hour or so away - and incredibly beautiful this time of year. It was a perfect day - sunny, cool and not very crowded. And Claire, too, was smiles all day long. We stopped at an old restaurant from the Civil War, now closed, but with an incredible view of the Potomac River and tree-covered hills. Then we shared a delicious, home-made pizza at a local cafe. Then we walked down and up the steep hills of the main street with tourists from around the world. We talked to some Japanese and Brazilians. Scott explored the town with his new flip video camera and made memories.
Then we stopped at Walmart on our way home and picked up some things for Claire. I bought a shirt for $2 - unbelievable!
All in all, it was a wonderful breath of fresh air. It was great for our marriage and our family, and it reminds me how grateful I am to God for my family. God has blessed me so abundantly with a wonderful husband, job, studies, ministry and now a baby girl that just thrills me. Thank you, Lord!
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